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Children’s Ministry

It is not just a service group but also a ministry of its own: a colorful, energetic, entertaining and dynamic ministry focused on teaching the word of faith to children from age one month to 12 years.


The Music Ministry is made up of God-fearing men and women, who are talented music ministers and are committed to the work of God in music. To belong to this group, experience in singing and skill to play instruments will be an added advantage.



This team is responsible for all interior and exterior decorations of the church premises. The creativity of this amazing team consistently adds the right touch to each area.

Drama Team

The mission of this team is to use theater as a ministry to encourage, instruct, and uplift the body of Christ and in the process, build up a vibrant and enthusiastic group of young people who are on fire for God.


Hospitality Team

This team loves to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in and around our church services. Besides welcoming worshippers at the entrance of the church, and assisting those who may need help to their seats, they readily show the Winners Trademarked tender, loving care to those in need of physical assistance.

Sanctuary Keepers

We have a team of committed men and women, devoted to making sure that the house of God is clean and tidy to ensure God’s welcoming presence in our services.

Cleaning Mirror


The security, health, and safety of all is the priority of this team. Serving military personnel, paramilitary personnel, ex-service men, and security service operators are welcome to the team.

Core Values

Media Team

This team maintains and sets up musical instruments and microphones for all our services. They also record messages of every service and are in charge of the day-to-day update of the church website.

Media And Production

This group is made up of skilled and trained media personnel who are responsible for our graphics, TV outreach programs, film editing, and all forms of electronic and print media.

The Publication Team

Our team of fantastic writers edit our Church publications and also serve as the public relations arm of the church.

Male Nurse

Medical Team

(The Gilead Squad)

Our worship services are undeniably safe at all times, and by God’s grace, we have had no incidence since inception. However, the Medical team exist to provide initial care in an unlikely case of an injury, to prevent a condition from worsening or danger of further injury. A medical background is necessary to serve on this team but there are numerous other opportunities to serve for willing individuals outside the medical field.

The Protocol Team

This team performs protocol duties during services, such as manning the church entrance, main sanctuary, and Pastor’s office. In addition they tend to visiting ministers, VIPs, and other church guests. They assist with travel and hosting duties and ensure that logistics and formalities during special meetings are taken care of.

Image by why kei

Transportation Team

The objective of this ministry is to provide transportation services and relieve our members, who have no alternatives transportation means, or stress related to transportation issues. This way, they encourage friends and new members to come to the church and participate in all church activities. 

Usher Team

Members of this team create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the church services. They show kindness and care for those in need of physical support, receive worshippers and usher them to their seats. In addition, they ensure orderliness in the service, and distribution of church related materials such as handbills, leaflets, books etc.


Follow Up Team

This team dedicates itself to connecting first time guests and new converts to the church. They thrive on building strong believers by helping them take first steps in their walk with Christ.

Traffic Team

The traffic team at our church plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth and safe flow of vehicles during services. With their bright vests and friendly smiles, they direct traffic, assist with parking, and provide guidance to first-time guests and attendees. Rain or shine, they diligently manage the parking areas, creating a welcoming and organized environment for everyone. Their dedication and service make a significant impact on the overall experience of our church community.


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