YE ARE gods IV

YE ARE gods IV

Extra-ordinary feats are reserved for the gods!  Ordinary men and women do ordinary things while acts beyond the normal and ordinary belong to “beings” above the natural.  These are gods!

The people in Babylon recognized that Daniel was different among his peers.  Not because of his intellectual prowess, not because of his physical strength or the way he looked.  It was simply because of his acts; his acts were not ordinary.  He knew what could not be known naturally and diabolically.  His wisdom surpassed the natural and diabolical realms which were known in Babylon.

They concluded that the spirit of the holy gods was in him.  This was evident; seeing the naturally invisible and knowing the naturally unknowable is beyond the realm of man and even the devil.  Experienced astrologers and magicians in the land were not just inferior to him; they were far below him.  He operated in his own class unravelling mysteries and dissolving hard sentences.  The soothsayers and Chaldeans bowed to the authority with which he operated with.  Even their king bowed and commanded that Daniel should be worshipped as a god!

“Then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshipped Daniel, and commanded that they should offer an oblation and sweet odours unto him.” – Daniel 2:46

Daniel was ever conscious of his status to the point that he vowed never to defile himself with king’s food or drink.  He knew that he was not like other children.  He knew he should not do what others are doing if he needed to maintain his divinity status.  Daniel 1:8

Many believers have lost their divinity status to compromise!  You cannot agree to be like them and stand out of them.  Your distinction is a function of walking in the consciousness of who you are in Christ.

Believers in Christ are gods but this will remain abstract, a theory and unreal until the believer accepts responsibility like Daniel.  Daniel was one of the captive Hebrew boys in Babylon; his captivity did not push him to lose his identity.  If you lose your identity as a believer in Christ you have lost your divinity status.  No wonder he could not be eaten by lions; no physical animal (no matter how mad or hungry) can eat a god!  Daniel was a god!  He had the spirit of the holy gods!

Every believer should bear in mind that he/she is first of all a Christian, may be any other thing; he/she is a full time believer in Jesus Christ.

There is no time out in our faith walk!  Anything that looks like time out in a believer’s faith walk is loss of spiritual status!

Scriptures for meditation:  Daniel 4:8-18; Daniel 5:11

Jesus is Lord!

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