“And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god unto Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.” – Exodus 7:1

Pharaoh was clearly the most powerful man in Egypt as the custodian of the authority of his kingdom.  He was a god (a deity) in his own right.  His words were laws in the land.  However, God (the Almighty) made a categorical statement to Moses in our text; “…See, I have made thee a god unto Pharaoh…”  This not a mere momentary elevation; it is a deep spiritual change of status.  Moses had to “see” the truth of his new spiritual status; he needed to pay attention, comprehend and understand his new supernatural level.

It is important to recap that Moses grew up in the palace environment as supposedly an adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter.  He never lost his identity as a Hebrew.   One day, he thought he was helping a brother when he killed an Egyptian that was trying to take advantage of a fellow Hebrew but he discovered that the matter was not hidden when a similar incidence occurred the following day between two Hebrews.  He tried to mediate between them, but was accused of killing an Egyptian the previous day.  He had to go on exile as a result of this, to save his life from reprisal attack or judgment from the authorities.  Exodus 2:1-15.

This is the same Moses that have been ‘enthroned’ and given a new status higher than that of the highest authority in the land of Egypt.  The divinity status of Moses was a function of his ability to “see”.  He was not given any physical thing as a mark of his divinity status other than the shepherd’s rod with him.  His perception, understanding and appreciation of his new status was what defined how far he would go in his new status.  The spiritual law of “what you see is what you have been given” applied here.  Genesis 13:14-15.

Every believer in Jesus Christ is pre-destined and called like Moses.  Just like Moses, every believer has been made a “god” unto his/her Pharaoh.  Someone’s Pharaoh may one sickness, disease or any form of affliction of the devil.  It is the responsibility of the believer to “see” his/her new divinity status and manifest accordingly.

For instance, nobody in the Pharaoh’s dynasty could remember or even challenge Moses as a fugitive.  As sophisticated as Egypt was (being the center of civilization at that time), there was no reference to what led to Moses’ self-exile from the Egyptian’s side.  This could not have been ordinary.  No one questions gods!  No human is qualified to interrogate gods!  No mortal queries gods!

Moses did as occasion served him as a god over all the gods of Egypt.  Pharaoh was the human representative of the gods of Egypt while Moses was the god representing the Almighty God in Egypt.  Every believer is ordained to live like Moses operated in Egypt on his mission to free the children of Israel from bondage.  Moses was absolutely in charge in Egypt.

I want to challenge you today, if you are a believer; you are in charge of every Pharaoh on your journey of destiny.  All you need to do is to take the “rod” in your hands so that you can do signs.  You are to do signs and wonders as a “god” not doing ordinary things.

Remember, you must “see” your divinity status first, then, you must take the “rod” in your hand to do signs!

You are in for a great time as a god!  See you tomorrow!

Scriptures for meditation: Exodus 7:1; Exodus 4:14; Genesis 13:14-15

Jesus is Lord!


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