The natural food begins to benefit the physical body when it goes through the process of digestion.  The word of God is the food of the spirit; the word begins to add value to life when the word goes through the process of mental digestion.  This is called meditation.  It is this mental grinding of the word that extract the necessary and required spiritual nutrients from the word for the required building up and delivery of the benefits inherent in the word.

The word prescribes that meditation should be done day and night to make the most of that exercise.  Psalm 1:2-3; Joshua 1:8.  The Psalmist further said that the word of God was his meditation all the day and that gave him surpassing wisdom above his enemies and knowledge above his teachers.  Psalm 119:97-100

Meditation is pondering over the word of God.  It is ‘think-reading’ and ‘think-studying’ the word of God.  Abraham became great in fulfilment of the promise that God gave him when He called him.  Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 24:1.  Isaac was very great as a result of the blessing of the Lord upon Him.  We read from scriptures that Isaac was given to meditation.  Genesis 24:63.  Isaac must have learnt the art of meditation from his father.  God specifically said that He knew that Abraham would command his children and his household to do justice and keep His judgment.  Genesis 18:19.

The recipe for good success (among other things) is meditating on the word of God day and night.  Ruminating over the word of God just like the proverbial digestive system of a goat is a necessity to get the word of into the right place in man.

Accept the responsibility of daily meditation on the word of God from today.  Having located the word of God that addresses an issue of interest, ruminate over the word to extract the ‘juice’ desired.

Scriptures for meditation: Psalm 119:97-100

Jesus is Lord!

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