Time is a divine gift distributed equally to everyone on the earth. God created time but lives outside time. Life is measured with time, therefore, time is life. Whatever we do with time is what we have done with life.
The Manual of life – the Bible says; “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12. This is a clear admonition to manage time appropriately so as to make the most of it. Remember, time is life.
Brethren, God has great plans for you every year. His plan is good always. His plan is to bring us to the expected end. Jeremiah 29:11. His plans for you are contained in His holy Word. The fulfilment of the great plans of God for you this year (and every year for that matter) is at the mercy of discovery and pursuit of same. Time is a constant and common denominator for discovery, pursuit and fulfilment of God’s beautiful plans for us for the every year.
Dr. David Oyedepo says: “Only a serious approach guarantees a glorious result”. To end up with glorious results this year; every day must count, every hour must be reckoned with. It is easy to spend time; it is easier to waste time but quite challenging to invest time.
It is time to make your time count so as to make your life count. Take your life in your hand as you take your time in your hand. You shall have great and wonderful experiences this year.
Scriptures for meditation: Judges 12:3
Jesus is Lord!

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