The tax man confronted Peter without much reverence for the Master:

“And when they were come into Capernaum, they that receive tribute money came to Peter and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes.” – Matthew 17:24-25

Peter’s answer was correct in the context of Jesus Christ as the King of kings.  Kings and their family members are exempted from paying tributes.  However, Peter’s answer would have provoked further questions and put Jesus Christ and the disciples in an awkward position.  They were faced with the;

  • Challenge of paying tax money;
  • Possible embarrassment before all as tax evaders;
  • Possible disruption of their programs should they refuse to pay;

Jesus Christ (the Word of God personified) simply issued an instruction and the balloon of the obstacle was busted and a miracle appeared.

There is an answer to every question of life in the Word of God just like there is solution to every challenge of life in the Word.

Scriptures for meditation: Matthew 17:27; John 1:1-3

Jesus is Lord!


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