Jairus (a ruler of the synagogue) came and worshipped Jesus Christ simply to make a major request of having him come to his house (to deal with an obstacle confronting his family) to heal his only daughter who was pining away and at the verge of death.  In His usual enthusiasm to help, to deliver those that were oppressed of the devil and do good everywhere he went; (Acts 10:38) Jesus Christ accepted the invitation without any question.

Multitudes surrounded Him as He made His way to Jairus house.  It was almost impossible for an able bodied-strong man to reach him but a woman who was supposed to be weak spiritually, physically and even financially pulled through the crowd to reach Him for a touch of faith to turn her twelve years obstacle to a miracle.

  • She did
  • Virtue was flowed into her and her twelve years plague ceased!

The same woman could have given excuse of the crowd and remained bound in her twelve years old affliction.  She could have been offended at the multitudes surrounding Jesus Christ looking at them as her barrier to reaching her miracle.  She could have even been offended in Jesus Christ, saying things like:  “If He is truly a Messiah, He should have known (by discernment) my situation and come to my help rather than having me struggle through the crowd”.

Many people get offended today just because of perceived or actual altercation with a brother or sister in church and as a result stop going to church.  The fact remains that no one quarrels in his or her office as stops going to work because of that.  Even when people face opposition in their offices (in most cases), they pray for favor rather than turning their backs on their means of livelihood.

Jairus daughter was twelve years old, the woman’s affliction was also twelve years old.  Jairus confronted the situation, so also the woman.  Both got their desired result!  Just anyone who will not sit down to keep celebrating the obstacle but confront it will always extract a miracle out of their obstacle.

Don’t explain the obstacle, don’t talk about it, and don’t even look at it; confront it!  Don’t get offended at anybody.  No one is the source of your problem, the devil is!  Inside that thing called obstacle is your miracle.  Confront it in prayer; confront it in taking scriptural actions.  Your miracle is more real than that obstacle.

Scriptures for meditation:  Luke 8:41-50; Matthew 11:12

Jesus is Lord!

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