Freedom is sweet especially after a protracted period of captivity, slavery and bondage.  The children of Israel heaved a sigh of relieve after 430 years of unpleasant experience in servitude.  At last the God of their fathers has come to their rescue, freedom at last!  Their slave masters were urgent on them to leave.

“And the Egyptians were urgent upon the people that they might send them out of the land in haste; for they said we be all dead men.” – Exodus 12:33

Not only were the Israelite “…thrust out of Egypt…” in haste; they left with the wealth of the nation.  Exodus 12:35-36.  They had the terrible memory of slavery behind them and the wealth of their oppressors in their hands.  Hurrah!

“And the LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he pursued after the children of Israel: and the children of Israel went out with an high hand.” – Exodus 14:8

But why would the Lord do a thing like that!  Freedom at last, wealth in their hands (glory to God!) but the host of the best army in the world (well-equipped and fully armed) at that time behind an unarmed and unprepared Israel.  Well, thank God for the pillars of cloud and fire.  Exodus 13:21-22.  Then something unbelievable; between rock and hard place.  They were lead directly towards the red sea!  What!  Either God planned to waste the whole nation or some kind of miracles were about happening.  The latter was the case.  Inside the obstacles of the host of the army of Egypt chasing them and the red sea limiting their escape from their enemies were their miracles of:

  • Eternal victory over their 430 years masters/enemies;
  • Aura of dominion that would be a factor to procure victories in subsequent encounters in their journey to the Promised Land.
  • Eternal debt cancellation – they spoiled the Egyptians following God’s instructions to borrow from them; no one to pay when all the creditors were dead.

One obstacle (red sea) swallowed the other (the host of Egypt); the miracles of God’s children were established.

Inside that obstacle confronting you now is your miracle!  However, you must be born again to experience miracle out of that obstacle.  You cannot wait any further, you have to do it now!

Your age-long servitude comes to an end now and your long awaited liberty is established today!

Scriptures for meditation:  Exodus 14:15-31

Jesus is Lord!

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