There was an obstacle confronting a whole nation at a time in history.  The obstacle was so huge and deadly that everyone (including men of war and trained warriors) cowered in terrible fear for their lives.  It was so bad that even the king could not raise his voice against the incessant challenge of this ‘obstacle’.

However, inside this gigantic obstacle was someone’s miracles of:

  • Stardom
  • Enthronement
  • Generational establishment.

Goliath was that obstacle confronting the entire nation of Israel.  He harassed, threatened and mocked the entire nation of Israel, yet no one had the courage to respond.  I Samuel 17:4-12.  The king (Saul) and the entire Israel were not just afraid but “…they were dismayed, and greatly afraid”.

The obstacle confronting you now (no matter the size) cannot be bigger than God.  Inside that “thing” you call obstacle, challenge, problem or whatever name you choose to call it, is your miracle.  The good news is that the bigger your obstacle, he greater your miracle.  The deadlier your obstacle, the more glorious your miracle

Just like David, face the obstacle, confront the obstacle and conquer the obstacle.  Your crown is already waiting.  David rose, Goliath fell. David became a star, Goliath became a corpse. David was enthroned; Goliath was beheaded.  David was (generationally and trans-generationally) established, Goliath was buried.

However, you must be rightly positioned to face, confront, conquer and return with your crown of victory.  You must be born again not tomorrow but now!

I have good news for you; you are that ‘David’, you shall be established and you ‘Goliath’ shall lose his head and be buried!

Scripture for meditation:  I Samuel 17:31:58

Jesus is Lord!


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