God and His Word are one.  John 1:1.  We understand from scriptures that God does only wondrous things.  Psalm 72:18.  This means that God’s word has in-built power to deliver wonders when invoked.

Jesus is the living Word.  John 1:14.  One of the prophetic names of the living Word is Wonderful; which could literarily mean full of wonders.  Isaiah 9:6.  The written Word of God is as full of wonders as the living Word of God.  Every miracle written in the Word of God is doable by any believer who cares to engage the Word.

For instance, the living Word healed all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.  Matthew 4:23.  He went about doing good and healing all them that were oppressed of the devil because God was with Him.  Acts 10:38.  Anywhere the written Word is being read and applied; the same order of manifestation can still happen.

For wonder healing, it is not enough to believe the Word; we must behave the Word to work the desired wonder healing.  The Word states clearly that believers were healed by the stripes laid on the living Word.  Isaiah 53:5; Matthew 8:17; I Peter 2:24.  The healing had already taken place before the sickness came.  The questions that would bog natural minds are; if the healing had already taken place why was the sickness allowed to come in the first place; if the healing had already taken place, why would the negative condition in the body refuse to go.  Oppression of the devil (sickness or disease) could come to a believer as a result of satanic attack, ignorance or both.

Light (which is spiritual understanding from the Word) is the cure for ignorance; faith is the “quencher” of all the fiery darts of the enemy that he uses to attack the believers.  John 1:4-5; Ephesians 6:16.  The Word of God is Light and faith also grows from the Word of God.  Romans 10:17.  Therefore, the Word will deliver wonder healing any day when provoked.

In order to work wonders with the word (including wonder healing); believers must take the written Word as the (only) Way, the (only) Truth and (only) Life.  John 14:6.

Behaving the Word includes saying and declaring what is written against what the body is saying.  The Bible says that the weak should declare his/her strength as against what is happening in his/her body.  Joel 3:10.  Behaving the Word to work miracle healing also includes acting the Word irrespective of the feelings, pains or symptoms in the body.  James 2:17.  For instance a believer saying “I am strong” must do what strong people do.

It should be noted that in order to get the Word to work wonders, the Word is the standard not any mortal.  Believers sometimes get knocked down using one ‘very serious Christian’ who seemed to have believed the Word and ended up defeated as standard.  This is completely out of order.

God means what He says, He says what He means.  The Word is the authentic standard because the Word is God.

Scriptures for meditation:  Numbers 23:19

Jesus is LORD!

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