We understand from scriptures that the word of God is a seed.  Luke 8:11.  The seed is incorruptible.  I Peter 1:23. It means that the seed will always bring forth fruit when planted.  We also understand from scriptures that the minimum fruit yield from the fruit of the word of God when planted is thirtyfold; it could increase to sixtyfold and as well as hundredfold.

“But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.” – Luke 8:18

Jesus Christ identified good ground (which is an honest heart) and patience as the requirements for getting the seed of the word of God to produce fruit.  It means that though the seed is incorruptible and the ground is good (the heart is honest) but without patience, there would not be harvest.

Brethren, let us take a cue from the natural farmer.  The nature of the seed and the harvest expected determines the waiting period. The corn or tomatoes farmer may just need to wait for weeks for the harvest to arrive while the nuts’ farmer may have to be counting years before the first harvest of nuts. Interestingly, the returns from nuts will always justify the waiting.  The harvest could continue for decades while the harvest of corn and tomatoes comes just once and stops.

Friends, the word of God is everlasting.  Isaiah 40:8. The returns, the yield and the fruits will continue to flow in once the harvest begins.  It is worth waiting patiently on and for God to have the fruit. Remember, the seed is incorruptible, the God of increase and God of the harvest is unchangeable.  Malachi 3:6.  The only variable factor is the ground (the heart of man); it has to be honest and patient.

With godly patience, let us wait for God.  The word of God is sure to bring forth fruit.  Have you received a promise of scriptures through teaching, preaching or in your personal study of the word, wait patiently on and for God while you keep doing what the word says joyfully; God watches over His word for performance. Jeremiah 1:12

What looks like delay is denial.  Your testimony is loading!  It is an intensified testimony; it is a big deal!

Scriptures for meditation: James 5:7-8; Hebrews 6:13-19; Luke 21:18-19

Jesus is Lord!

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