The Bible is not a religious or just a prophetic book; the Bible is the manual of life that has the answers to all questions of life and solutions to all challenges of life.  Whatever question life has for anyone, there are answers in the manual of life; whatever challenge life presents, there are solutions in the Bible.

The power of choice in our context is not against the backdrop of man’s intellectual ability to make right decisions.  No mortal man really has what it takes to make right judgement outside God.  Proverb 14:12; Proverb 16:25.  It is not based on social science theories to make good choices; it is about the divine ability to settle for beneficial options according to scriptural counsel.

Someone says life is from “B” to “D”; from Birth to Death but between “B” and “D” there is a “C” which represents Choice.  Therefore, life is a matter of choices.  Today is the summary of the choices made yesterday while the future is the summary of the choices of today.

Therefore, we can carefully arrange our choices today to arrive at the destination we like to see tomorrow.  Dr. David Oyedepo says:

“We are not surprised at where we are today, we would have been surprised if we are not here”.  Virtually all the choices made yesterday were pointing to the ‘loud-speaking’ successes of today.

For instance, choose righteousness today (not just the gift but the work of righteousness) and favor awaits you down the road in the journey of life.   Choose diligence today; you are sure to number among great people tomorrow.  Choose faithfulness today; lifting awaits you tomorrow.  Choose meekness and humility today and divine direction leading to all-round rest lies ahead of you.  Choose consistent and relentless soul winning today and have the pathway to answers to your prayers permanently flung open.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye (the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God) said the teachings of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ can be summarized as “nothing goes for nothing”.  Accepting responsibility to make right choices in the light of the scriptures is the platform for greatness both in the now and in eternity.

Every mortal is responsible for the outcome of his/her life not even the devil.  The devil is not to blame; he is called the wicked, he will remain the wicked that is ever consistent in his threefold ministry of stealing, killing and destroying.  In spite of that, many people have made it both in life and to eternity with Jesus.  You too can make it.  As a matter of fact, I prophesy to you that you will make it.

However, watch your choices!  They are within your power and ability; line them up with the scriptures and make amends where and when necessary.  Refuse to make excuses; they are instruments of destruction in the hand of the devil.

See you at the top of the top!

Scriptures for meditation: Psalm 5:12; Proverbs 22:29; Psalm 25:9; John 15:16; Phil. 2:6-11

Jesus is Lord!





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