“For we walk by faith, not by sight” – II Corinthians 5:7

To walk connotes:

  • Movement;
  • Making progress;
  • Changing position;
  • Changing levels;
  • To make improvement step by step;

The question from our text today is; who are the “we” being referred to in that scripture? The answer is very simple; the book of II Corinthians and other Epistles were written to the church.  Therefore, the “we” in our text is referring to the believers in Jesus Christ.  We can safely say that we make progress by faith; we change position by faith; we change levels by faith; we make improvement step by step in life by faith.

  • Without faith man is a spiritual cripple;
  • Without faith man is spiritually stagnated;
  • Without faith man is at a standstill.

Many supposed Christians are at a standstill because they are spiritual cripples walking and jumping around physically.  Every believer must accept responsibility to build and grow faith.  Faith must never be assumed; faith must be consciously built and grown.  Faith building and faith growing is not a “cheap talk but hard work”, that is the reason many people take the easy way out – “assuming faith”

Faith is built from the word of God; faith grows from the word of God!

As you take practical steps to continue to develop your faith; you will never be a victim of stagnation in any area of your life again.  Begin to make satisfactory progress in all your endeavors.

Scriptures for meditation:  Hebrews 4:2-11; Romans 10:17

Jesus is Lord!

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