According to our Lord Jesus Christ, the conclusion of the whole matter is wrapped up in one word – love.  The Bible even say that God is Love and anyone dwelling in love is the one dwelling in God.  I John 4:8, 16.

If love (which begins with love for God) is the conclusion of the whole matter, our focus should be to concentrate on doing things to show that we love God.  Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo said “love that is not expressed is fake and unreal”.  Love has to be expressed.

King David said what gladdened his heart was when he was told that it was time to go into the house of the Lord.  Psalm 122:1.  He was a scripturally accredited lover of God.  God said concerning King David:

“But now thy kingdom shall not continue: the LORD hath sought him a man after his own heart, and the LORD hath commanded him to be captain over his people, because thou hast not kept that which the LORD commanded thee.” – I Samuel 13:14

God made it clear that He loved David; David also knew this fact and even said it:

“Howbeit the LORD God of Israel chose me before all the house of my father to be king over Israel for ever: for he hath chosen Judah to be the ruler; and of the house of Judah, the house of my father; and among the sons of my father he liked me to make me king over all Israel:” – I Chronicles 28:4

King David was a lover of God’s house to prove the sincerity of his love for God.  He would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than to dwell in the tent of wickedness.  Psalm 84:10

Just like in the case of David, God has made it clear that He loves us through His word and in practical demonstration by sending Jesus to us.  John 3:16.  Jesus demonstrated His love for us by paying the ultimate price of the ignoble death on the Cross of Calvary for us and on our behalf.  John 15:13.  We should be acquainted with this truth and reciprocate it by doing things that show that we love God.

Therefore, if we love God, we will love His house like David did.  Going to church should be a great delight to believers not because of meeting friends there; not because of an opportunity to show off the new dress or shoes just bought or to take pictures with friends but because the church is the house of God.

A believer (even if just 24 hours old in the Lord) that is being followed up by others to attend church services is already getting cold in his/her love towards God.  Believers should desist from the mistake of allowing interpersonal relationships with other believers affect their church attendance.  That is only pointing to the fact that the believer sees the church as a social, cultural or ordinary natural gathering rather than the house of God and a place of his/her encounter with God.

Every genuine believer’s presence in church is first to honor the King of kings.  Proverbs 14:28.  It is also a proof of obedience to God’s instruction of wisdom which is still a demonstration of love for Him.  Hebrews 10:25; John 14:15.  Obedience to this instructions (just like others) have tremendous benefits for believers.

As a believer, if you really love God; you will love His house.  The church is not the pastor’s house, it is not ordained workers’ house.  The church is the house of God where He has chosen for His habitation and manifestation.  Psalm 132:13-18.

Stop missing church services for any reason, show your love for God through your love for His house!  Don’t allow the enemy to keep you going from weakness to weakness.  Dr. David Abioye says: “Attending service once a week makes people weak all through the week” You need to go from strength to strength; your regular appearance in Zion is what facilitates that.

Scriptures for meditation: Psalm 122:1; Psalm 132:13-18; Psalm 87:1-7; Psalm 84:7-10

Jesus is Lord!

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