The children’s department is one of the many service groups in the church. It is not just a service group but a ministry of its own: a colorful, energetic, entertaining and dynamic ministry focused on teaching the word of faith to children from age 1 month to 12 years.

– From a young age, this ministry help our children to understand the word of faith.
– They provide learning in a fun-filled, child-centred, Christ dominated environment
– They also help the children to discover and use the gifts (spiritual, physical and mental) that God has deposited in them

The aim is to teach them and train them in the word of God at the early stages of their lives. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 that “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” So training the child to know who God is and how to walk in His ways even as children is the preoccupation of this department.

As precious jewels in the sight of God, it is our responsibility to train, teach, counsel and direct them in the ways of the Almighty God who has entrusted them to our care. The teachers are trained to focus attention on the children’s spiritual, mental and physical development.

The department is managed by professionally trained church workers who undergo periodic internal and external training programmes in all areas of their assignments with the vision of raising God fearing children.
The department is equipped with modern day teaching aids; playing devices in the safest, cleanest, most secured and well monitored environment and provides other basic and welfare items.

Sing unto God a new song; play skilfully, and shout for joy – Psalm 33:3

The Music Ministry of this great asssembly is made up of God fearing men and women, who are talented music ministers and are committed to the work of God in music.
They minister in praise, worship and special songs that bring down the glory of God through during our services.

They usher the entire congregation into the awesome presence of God and today, by the grace of God, they are a force to reckon with.

As the choir leads the congregation into the high praises of God and ultimately His presence, God Himself comes down with His blessings (Psalm 22:3).

To belong to this group, experience in singing and skill to play instruments will be an added advantage Your long awaited turn-around and change of story has come!

This unit is responsible for all interior and exterior decorations of the church premises. The unit is synergy of a creative team with individual specialized skills that they bring on board to beatify Gods House.

Membership into this unit is by application. Experienced interior decorators are highly welcome.

The activities of this department require creativity in order to come up with new and stunning designs for the church’s interior so they aim at using their God-given talents. This creativity is taken further by changing the altar decor monthly. By divine enablement, they are implementing newer and better designs.

Do you have a teachable spirit or are you naturally creative?Then you belong here!!!

Members of this department and God fearing, heavenly minded individuals, who create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the church services.

Besides welcoming worshippers at the entrance of the church, and assisting those who may need help to their seats, they readily show the Winners Trade marked tender, loving care to those in need of physical asistance.

– They work with other service groups to identify those responding to the altar call and direct them to the appropriate service group.
– They provide adequate Christian care to worshippers during services and meetings.
– They manifest the love of Christ to all worshippers.
Is God laying it in your heart to be part of this unique kingdom service?
You should not wait any further. Apply online or meet the church admin in person for further details.

Have you ever wondered why the church is usually so Pristine and Clean? It is so because we have committed men and women, devoted to making sure that the house of God is clean and tidy to ensure His welcoming presence in our services.

Members of this Unique service group have the following responsibilities:
– Maintaining a well organised and orderly use of the Sanctuary before, during and after Services.
– Ensuring that the Church convenience rooms are kept clean, presentable, and necessary facilities are available at all times.
– Providing adequate directions regarding conveniences and other sanitary facilities within the church premises.
– Arranging the sanctuary and other areas to meet the needs of our various types of services.
– Carrying out proper waste management within the church premises.
– Ensuring that adequate air conditioning and heating is maintained in liaison with the technical team

Members of this department are the divine hands of righteousness. You can become part of this team by filling the online form or getting a hard copy of the application form from the Church office.

The security, health and safety of all is paramount to the operations of this department.

The security of persons and goods is of great importance amidst the growing number of worshippers in our assembly so members of this department help to maintenance of law and order is of the essence with a growing congregation.

They are responsible for the co-ordination and control of car parking within and outside the church premises to ensure conformity with road and traffic regulation.
They ensure that members’ parked cars are secure during church services by observing and controlling traffic so as to enhance the safety of our commuting members
With divine assistance, they also ensure that any compromise of general security and safety of members is swiftly dealt with.

Membership is by application. Serving military personnel, paramilitary personnel, ex-service men and security service operators are welcome to the unit.
Is God laying it in your heart to be part of this unique kingdom service? You should not wait any further. Apply on line or meet the church admin in person for further details

Technical Team.

This department is responsible for the maintenance of technical equipment and media coverage of the church.

It is the responsibility of members of this Service group to maintain and set musical instruments and microphones for all our services.
They also record messages of every service.
They are in charge of the day-to-day up-date of the church website

Media And Production.

Media and Production

The media team in Winners Chapel International Houston is made up of skilled and trained media personnel who are responsible for our graphics, T.V outreach programs, film editing and all forms of electronic and print media.

The Publication Team.

The Publication Team

This are kingdom minded writers who see to the editing of Church publications.
They also serve as the public relations arm of the Church.

The Protocol team members are responsible for:
– Routine protocol duties within the Church premises during services and meetings
– Manning the church entrance, main sanctuary and Pastor’s office.
– Identifying visiting ministers, VIPs, church guests, special guests and attending to them appropriately.
Compiling, and inviting guests to special programs.
– Procurement and processing of travel documents of guests.
– Transportation and accommodation arrangements for guests.
– Logistics and formalities during special meetings

– The Transportation Team exists to meet the transportation needs of the growing number of Winners in the Houston area and its environs.

– The objective of this ministry is to provide transportation services and relieve our members, who have no alternatives transportation means; of stress related to transportation issues. This way, they encourage friends and new members to come to the church and participate in all church activities.

– The Transportation Team also serves other church service groups in need transportation services and for church outings – like church evangelism

Members of the Ushering Unit
– Create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the church services,
– show kindness and care to those in need of physical support, receive worshippers and usher them to their seats,
– ensure orderliness in the service, and distribution of church related materials such as handbills, leaflets, books etc

The department is managed by professionally trained church workers who undergo periodic internal and external training programmes in all areas of their assignments. If God is laying it in your heart to be a part of this ministry, you need not delay any further.

Members of the Unit are dedicated Christians who understand the vital background role of holding the gap that ensures continuous connection between new converts and first timers to the church. Follow-Up Unit functions with other Units in the process of bringing new converts and first timers to a place of matured fellowship with Jesus and service in the church. It embraces all that is done to integrate first timers and new converts into the church

keep them from drifting into the world

To build them up spiritually as soldiers of Christ and

Teach them to win others to Jesus Christ

A new convert that expresses repentance and desire for a change via alter call are given proper direction to encourage the much needed transformation unto Jesus Christ. Please join us online or by reaching the Church Admin for details. God bless you.

The Internet & communication group or department of the church is totally committed to disseminating and re-echoing the undiluted word of God through all the social media platforms which include but not limited to Instagram, twitter, facebook, whatsapp , youtube…

It is a platform for members and non-members of the church to have a feel of the gathering of saints even in their busy schedules.

We have a team of well trained web designers, bloggers , social media gurus etc who have all come together to use their giftings for the propagation of the gospel through the above listed platforms.

Membership is totally open to all members of the church that have one or two ideas to expand the good news of Christ through these platforms especially in this age and time where the world has already become a global village.

Internet & Communication depatment is mainly to expand the kingdom frontiers from not just the altar but by taking the altar to the people in order to have many in the Kingdom .