“And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.” – Luke 24:49

Our text today is one of the last statements of the resurrected Christ to the disciples directly and to believers at large.  Jesus Christ said that they (the disciples) and we (believers of all ages) should tarry (stay or wait) in Jerusalem (your current location) and be endued (be clothed) with power from on high (the superior power) so that divine purposes could be accomplished irrespective of the resistances of the powers of the opposition.

The promise of the Father is power.  God cannot lie; He cannot repent.  I Samuel 15:29.  He has promised the believers power but just as it the case always with God; it is the responsibility of the believers to tarry in the “city of Jerusalem” until they are clothed the power.  Interestingly, power is an attractive virtue.  Everyone wants power!  Unbelievers have been deceived to look for spiritual powers from the devil while many believers do so many things to acquire spiritual power except what Jesus said.

It is important to know that “power from on high” is the power from above which is above all.  John 3:31.  Power from on high is the power of the Highest which is the highest power.  Luke 1:35.  The Highest power overshadowed Mary and the naturally impossible happened.  In other words, Mary was endued (clothed) with the power of the Highest and the supernatural became the natural sequence.  Please remember that one key thing to be endued with the power from high is to “tarry” in the “city of Jerusalem”.




To “tarry” in our context means “to wait expectantly”.  It is to wait honoring, reverencing and looking up to God to fulfil His promise.  We know that God cannot lie; He cannot repent.  Every believer that desires to be endued with power must choose to tarry.  It is only those who tarry in His presence that are clothed with His power.  Moses was so clothed with power after “tarrying” in God’s presence for 40 days and 40 nights that he had to put vail on his face to be able to interact physically with the children of Israel on his return from the mount.  Exodus 34:33-35

Time spent in church; in the word, in prayer and other spiritual engagements are time invested in “tarrying”.  This should be the delight of all believers that desires to receive the promise of the Father (which is power).  Until you tarry in His presence, don’t expect power.  If you tarry consistently; you get empowered consistently.  Tarry!

Scriptures for meditation:  Mark 14:34

Jesus is Lord!

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