The power of God is in compartments; that is, there different kinds of manifestations representing the power of God.  The power of God is also in levels; that is, there are different measurements of God’s power as revealed in the word of God.

The kind of the power of God at work is often determined by what the power does.  Generally speaking, power is defined as ability to do or make happen.  Power does not just make things happen; it also makes things easy.  Therefore, from the standpoint of ‘power compartment’ and ‘power level’; the more empowered we become the more we are able to do or make happen as believers.  In the same vein, the more empowered we are the easier things turn out for us as saints of God.

For instance, “the mantle” is one of the peculiarities of God’s power as mentioned in the Bible.  Mantle refers to specific empowerment upon a vessel of God.  Mantle was synonymous with some prophets and servants of God both in the Old and New Testaments.  Prophet Samuel (I Samuel 15:27; I Samuel 28:14).  Prophets Elijah and Elisha (I Kings 19:13, 19; II Kings 2:8-14).  Apostle Paul (Acts 19:11-12).  The peculiarity of the power of God in the “mantle” was explicit in the account of Elijah’s departure from Elisha.  The Bible account revealed that Elijah parted River Jordan by simply smiting the waters.  II Kings 2:8 (He did not pray for the River to be parted!  Elisha replicated the miracle with the “mantle” that fell from Elijah after the latter was taken up from the former.  II Kings 2:14.  Just like Elijah, Elisha did not pray but demanded that the God of Elijah should show up.  Yes! Indeed the Lord, God of Elijah did show up!

Every true and genuine vessel of God has peculiar “mantle”.  The Caller calls for specific purpose; the Caller also empowers to fulfil the specific purpose.  It takes spiritual discernment to know and become a beneficiary of the “mantles” around us as believers.  Elisha recognized the master’s mantle; he got blessed by it and fulfill his own calling by the same.  King Saul tore the mantle that was placed around him for his all-round wellbeing and he paid dearly for it.  I Samuel 15:27-28.

The “mantle” is not limited to clothing materials; it is anything that has come into contact with a genuinely empowered vessel of God.  It is not just about the vessel but the God of the vessel.  It takes spiritual understanding to make the most of this.  As believers, there are “mantles” around you.  Don’t tear the “mantle”.  Discern the “mantle”, treasure the “mantle”, and use the “mantle” with a pure and holy heart!  The rod (mantle) of Elisha did not work in the hand of Gehazi because his heart was not right.  II Kings 4:29-31; II Kings 5:20-27.

Scriptures for meditation: II Kings 2:8-14; Acts 19:11-12

Jesus is Lord!

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