Whether a believer reads an instruction from the word of God or it comes as a spoken word either directly from God or an anointed vessel; that instruction is programmed for a change of level for the believer.  Sometimes believers pray and expecting answers in a particular format but God is sovereign; His answer to prayers could be in form of instruction as He so decides.

After a spectacular miracle of supernatural supplies to feed five thousand men (excluding women and children); Jesus dismissed the ‘congregation’ and dispatched the disciples to get on a ship to travel to the other side of the lake while He went to pray alone.

At the fourth watch of the night (Bible Scholars say it is between 3.00 am and 6.00 am), Jesus walked on the sea to catch up with His disciples (the law of gravity was suspended for his purpose).  When they saw Him, they were terrified and they cried out for fear.  At that moment, whatever faith they had, had disappeared; they were brought to zero levels of faith by fear.  Jesus said:

“…Be of good cheer, it is I; be not afraid” Matthew 14:27

An unusual request was made by Peter; he said;

“…If it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water” – Matthew 14:27

Peter saw an opportunity to experience and manifest the supernatural when he knew that it was the Master that was walking on water towards them.  The Master invited him and he also manifested the supernatural just like the Master (he also had the law of gravity suspended for his sake).  As long as Peter kept his focus on the Master; he walked on water (he did a miracle, he manifested the unusual, he had a testimony).  He only started sinking when he looked at the wind rather than looking at the Master.  Matthew 14:29-33.

Jesus said that the works that He did, believers would do and greater works believers would do because He had put the believers in charge of things on the earth and left to be with His Father.  John 14:12

For instance, the Master’s instructions of soul winning, soul in-gathering, and soul establishment offer eternal opportunities with immeasurable returns to believers of all ages and generations.  If the law of gravity was suspended for Peter to walk on water; just any natural law can be suspended for a believer to fulfill the divine mandate of soul winning, soul in-gathering, and soul establishment.  God will perform any miracle required to see a believer accomplish the soul-winning agenda.

All instructions of scriptures are divine opportunities but soul winning, soul in-gathering, and soul establishment instructions are golden opportunities for discerning believers.

As believers, you can ‘Raid (the streets for Jesus) As You Go’ about your daily routine.  Make sure you tell some about Jesus daily and don’t stop there, gather them into the storehouse of God (the Church) and make sure they remain in the storehouse for preservation.  John 15:16

Scriptures for meditation: Matthew 14:22-33; Matthew 28:19-20

Jesus is Lord!



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