Every instruction from the word of God is an opportunity to see and experience the supernatural act of God when obeyed.  In other words, any believer can initiate any act of God as and when desired by looking through scriptures to discover instructions that line up with his or her expectation and obeying them.

Peter and his partner were kind of frustrated and had given up hope of returning home with any positive result for their labor at least for that day.  They had tried all they knew to do as professional fishermen to have a catch but caught nothing; they had an all-night of toiling, tugging, and struggling without anything to show for their effort, not even a strout!  They caught nothing; they had even accepted failure for the day by washing their nets just to prepare for maybe another day.  Then, the opportunity for a breakthrough came knocking! Luke 5:1-2

Jesus Christ needed a podium and a stage for His crusade and by the wisdom of heaven, He approached Peter (who should have been emotionally down because of his failure); thank God, Peter allowed Him to use his boat as requested.  That was the beginning of Peter’s change of story.  Just any believer can secure a change of story by allowing the Master (Jesus Christ) to make use of his/her boat (your time, energy, and resources) to accomplish His divine agenda.  Luke 5:3

After Jesus’ message by the lake of Gennesaret; it was time to reward the owner of the boat He used as a stage and a podium.  He told Peter to launch out for a great catch (his reward).  Peter had the opportunity to receive the second instruction which was to orchestrate his pay because he obeyed the first instruction.  Peter obeyed the second instruction by letting down the net instead of the nets as instructed and still got the record of the all-time catch during the day.  Luke 5:4-9.  It took this manifestation of the supernatural for Peter to recognize Jesus Christ as a Divinity Personality.  All along (even when He was preaching using his boat as a podium), Peter may have thought that he was one of the many religious leaders of their time but with the miracle of the “…great multitudes of fishes…” he knew that Jesus Christ as Lord.  He cried to Jesus Christ to depart from him (being a sinner) but Peter got a greater reward which turned him into a transgenerational icon.

“…And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men.”  Luke 5:10

As believers allowing God to use you and what is yours is always an opportunity for a change of level.  For instance, engaging in soul winning with one’s time, energy and resources is allowing Jesus Christ to use one’s boat.  The reward can be amazing!  You cannot miss your breakthrough when you genuinely engage in it.

Serving the interest of God and His kingdom through soul-winning has both immediate and eternal rewards.  Peter caught “…multitudes of fishes…” – immediate reward; he also secured a divine appointment to “…catch men…” – this is an eternal reward that has kept Peter’s name being mentioned everywhere the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is being preached and this will continue until Jesus returns.

You can’t go wrong winning souls into the kingdom of God!  If you have not been taking soul-winning seriously before now; get on the go for Jesus from today.  If you have been doing it; intensify your drive.  Stop talking; start winning souls!

Scriptures for meditation: Luke 5:1-11; Daniel 12:3

Jesus is Lord!


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