The world defines foolishness as lacking a good sense of judgment, unwise, or weakness of intellect.  The Bible defines foolishness as hearing and not applying the word of God.  In the same way, the world defines wisdom as good judgment, soundness of action, right application of experience or knowledge.  Again, the Bible defines wisdom as hearing and applying the word of God.  Matthew 7:24-27.

We have earlier established that believers need to fill the heart with the word of God.  Col. 3:16.  It is also important that the word of God is given the first place in all our considerations and decision making.  In other words, whatever the word of God says should define our lifestyle.  It is allowing the word of God to have the first and the final say.

I have heard at different times, believers sing: who has the final say? and the people would chorus: Jehovah has the final say!  In most cases what they actually mean is that Jehovah should have the final say when they want Him to have the final say not at all times or in all situations of their lives.  For instance, they want Jehovah to have the final say in making a way where there seems to be no way.  While many would not want Jehovah to have the final say in determining the kind of lifestyle they live.

Still on divine direction, if the word of God cannot change any man; the word of God cannot direct the course of the life of that man.  We cannot have God the way we have any lifeless object we use at our convenience.  The word of God must be taken as the verdict of God, the (only) Way, and the (only) Truth.  John 14:6

Many people (believers inclusive) would respond very well to the dictates of the law(s) of where (country, city, or town) they live simply because of the fear of possible sanctions.  While it is good and even godly to respect the law of man; it amounts to scriptural intelligence to allow the laws of God to rule our lives.  Remember, whatever we allow rule our lives is what we have allowed to rule our hearts (spirits).  The more the word of God rules a man’s heart, the more the man’s lifestyle reflects godliness.

For instance, the disciples were called Christians for the first time in Antioch because their lifestyle was a reflection of Christ.  The Bible says:

“And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught many people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” – Acts 11:26

Jesus is the Living Word of God.  John 1:1, 14.  He gave us the written word (the Bible); He also sent the Holy Spirit to abide with us forever.  John 14:16-18.  If believers will embrace the written word fully and receive the Holy Spirit; believers will live like Jesus on the earth.  In other words, believers will become the living word of today.

As a matter of fact, the body of Christ is meant to be the living word of God.  That is, demonstrating the written word to the world.

If you have not received Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior.  Today is your day of salvation.  You can have abundant life, you can have rest in this troubled world and also reign with Christ in eternity.  Go straight to the salvation page on our website, say the prayer there and be in church next Sunday to consolidate your decision.

Believers! Let the word of God define your lifestyle; make the word of God the Light on your path of life, your heart will ever be healthy and buoyant!

Scriptures for meditation: Psalm 119:105

Jesus is LORD!


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