Dr. David Oyedepo says:

“If you have lost anything, it is because of God that you have not lost everything”

The three-fold ministry of the devil has never changed; stealing, killing and destroying.  John 10:10.  The reason you are still standing is not because of your strength, wisdom, faithfulness or even uprightness; it is because of the Lord’s mercies.  His mercies (which are new every morning) cleared your messes as soon as they occur and His compassion released His grace to color your efforts all through the year.  The Bible says:

“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassion fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” – Lamentation 3:22

Countless of times within the year, you may have missed it but His mercies covered all the messes.  He deserves, demands and commands all the glory to be returned to Him.  Man can never over thank God but it is possible to under thank Him.  There are things that God has done to keep you standing today that may not have been revealed unto you. For instance, there are battles that have been fought and won on your behalf to keep you standing; to enhance your wellbeing and even to ensure the delivery of answers to your prayers that you may not have known anything about.

For twenty one days; Daniel did not know that there was a battle being fought on his behalf to ensure the delivery of answers to his prayers.  Daniel 10:12-14. God has not changed, He will change because He cannot change; that is why you are not consumed despite the raging of the storm, the roaring of the fake lion throughout the year.  (Malachi 3:6; I Peter 5:8)

You’ve got to give Him thanks; return all the glory to Him.  You’ve got to make known His deeds (in your life) among the people.  You’ve got to talk of all His wondrous work.  He has done all things well.

Again, “If you think you have lost anything (or you have actually lost anything); it is because of God that you have not been lost.”  Someone that is lost has no sense of losing anything.

God is good!  He is faithful! He has done all things well!

Scriptures for meditation: Isaiah 42:8; Psalm 105:1-2

Jesus is Lord!


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