“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” – II Corinthians 2:11

The devil is the greatest schemer of all ages.  Genesis 3:1.  Behind everything that tends to weaken, stagnates or erodes a believer’s faith is the devil.  Every believer has a measure of faith; that is the reason he/she is called a believer in the first place.  Romans 12:3.  Faith is a force of the Spirit that is “grow able”.  As a matter of fact, every believer’s faith is meant to grow.  However, because faith is the greatest threat to satan; he attacks it with all his arsenal.  Some of the weapons of attack of the devil on faith do not always appear like what they are, therefore, many believers are caught off guard.

One of the “wiles” of the enemy against the believers’ faith is distraction.  The question is distraction from what?  The enemy knows that access to the word of God means access to faith; faith comes from hearing the word of God.  Romans 10:17.  Therefore, the enemy distracts believers from the word of God so that faith would not come.  Believers are deceived into:

  • Spending time on many things except the word of God; things that appeal to the soul or the body rather than the spirit.
  • Going to many places except where their faith would be built. For instance, every service in any Bible believing church is an opportunity to build and develop faith. David Abioye says: “attending church once in a week makes a believer weak all through the week”.  No one can survive for too long, taking only one meal once a week.  Many believers are spiritually weak because they attend church once a week; some even attend once every two weeks!
  • Seeing the church of Jesus Christ as a religious, social or any other kind of gathering other than spiritual home where faith is built and nourished via the word of God.
  • Getting too familiar with the word of God to the point that the word does not really have any effect on them again.

Please note that just like faith comes by hearing the word of God; fear, anxiety and worry come by hearing the word of the devil and the word of men.  If you are addicted to news; you will probably hear both the word of men and of the devil, you will be prone to fear, worry and anxiety.

It is hearing the word of God that gives you immunity to fear, worry and anxiety.  The enemy cannot succeed in attacking you with fear, anxiety and worry if you are an addict of the word of God.  The answer to any question those triplets of the same father (fear, anxiety and worry) may have is ever available in the word of God.  The good news is that every believer has a choice!

Scriptures for meditation:  Romans 10:1-17; Romans 12:3

Jesus is Lord!

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