“For your shame, ye shall have double; and for confusion, they shall rejoice in their portion:  therefore in their land, they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.” – Isaiah 61:7

One of the fundamental outcomes of the manifestation of the anointing is a double honor to replace or cancel out troubles; outstanding fame for all traces of shame.

God’s agenda of double honor is an aftermath of salvation.  Therefore, we cannot afford to see the church as a social club.  We cannot afford to attend church services as one going for a social event.

  • The church is a place of transformation;
  • The church is a place of deliverance;
  • The church is a place of holiness;
  • The church is a spiritual place where saints are empowered to possess their possession.
  • The church is the spiritual storehouse for both God’s people and God’s blessings
  • The church is God’s distribution center

The next time you are going to church, let this mind be in you.  As a matter, of fact, you will never miss church for anything if only you know these things and thoroughly understand them.

You are ordained to have double honor for all your troubles!

You can have double for all your troubles!

Reach out for it, it is yours!

Double honor for all troubles is for the saints of God delivered through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

If you have not received Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and personal Savior; you must do that now, go to our home page click on the banner that read: “Are you born again?” follow the guide through.

Scriptures for meditation: Isaiah 61:3-6; Obadiah vs 17

Jesus is Lord!

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