God is the God of opportunities.  He creates an atmosphere for opportunities, He presents opportunities to whosoever.  In many situations and circumstances; opportunities presented by God are meant to deliver whatsoever to whosoever.  Also, opportunities presented by God delivers results or rewards to whosoever in incremental dimension.  The more anyone takes advantage of opportunities the more rewards are released.  God’s opportunities do not have racial, gender, national, or any human delineation.  The only factor that guarantees results is the corresponding response from whosoever.

For instance, the message of salvation is for whosoever.  God delivered the message over two thousand years ago through His love Gift to the world.  Anyone that responds positively to the message receives an instant reward of obedience; salvation.  Anyone that rejects the message will also have to face the consequence.  John 3:16-17.

Personal opinion about opportunities will not change the reward of obedience or the consequence of disobedience.  God allows man to choose to obey any scriptural instruction or disobey.  When scriptural instructions are obeyed; the blessing of obedience is activated.  In the same vein, when scriptural instructions are disobeyed, the consequence of disobedience is activated.  It, therefore, goes without saying that opportunities from God never leave man at the same position.  Man has the power of choice but he does not have the power to ‘choose’ the consequences of this choice.  Deuteronomy 30:19.

Soul winning is one instruction that runs from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible.  It has tremendous rewards attached to its obedience but it is often viewed by believers are pastors’ responsibility.  Well, I want to agree with that thought on the premise that all the benefits of soul winning are actually ordained and meant for the pastors.  However, it is not the case, the benefits of soul winning are meant for all.  For instance, answers to prayers, divine health, divine wages, peace, divine protection, power, joy, eternal lifting, generational exploits, divine enthronement (among others) are some of the rewards of consistent adherence to soul winning.  All these are meant for believers not just pastors alone.

The best of God’s opportunities are available when we give our best and even go beyond our best in responding to the demands of the opportunities.  For instance, believers ten to take secular tasks, assignments, and callings more seriously than Kingdom Advancement Endeavors!  Many believers will stop at nothing other than getting results but when it is a thing of the Kingdom, we expect everyone (including God) to keep petting, begging, and appealing to us to respond to stewardship opportunities.

As a believer, we must know that any instruction of scriptures is simply an opportunity for a change of level when we choose to respond.  Therefore, stop looking at opportunities as burdens, work, or pressure.  They are designed to make life pleasurable.

Choose to be a consistent and committed soul winner and you will never stop earning wages from heaven!

Scriptures for meditation:  John 4:34-36

Jesus is Lord!


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